Massa: Newey doesn’t guarantee F1 success


Felipe Massa has said he is pleased that Ferrari have proved that one big name is not needed to be successful this season.

The new aerodynamic regulations were expected to suit Red Bull and their chief technical officer Adrian Newey, but it is Ferrari who have emerged as Mercedes' biggest threat to the title so far in 2017.

"I think Ferrari is doing something that nobody expected this year," Massa said.

"And that's really nice, that shows that it doesn't mean that, because you have Adrian Newey in your team, that everything will be better than everybody [else].

"I think if you just put the people to work together in different areas, even if they don't have a top name, they can do a good job."

Massa also revealed that he thought Red Bull would be the team to push Mercedes all the way.

 "In November, if you ask me, I would say the only team that can fight with Mercedes is Red Bull," he said.

"In some of the races last year, Red Bull was doing a good job [and its Renault] engine was maybe still not great but getting better."

"Red Bull didn't do the right car. And Ferrari did it."