Massa: Rear wing mod wasn’t for speed


Williams driver Felipe Massa has insisted that their radical rear wing modification was meant for data collection purposes rather than improvement in speed at the two-day in-season testing in Barcelona.

During testing, Williams implemented a rear wing design that included a double-decker configuration and extra weight, which Massa explained was used to gather information on aero flux so that they could figure out the balance of the FW38 properly.

The strange design would be illegal if it was to be used during qualifiers or race day. The former-Ferrari man also added that they were collecting data for next year as well so they were trying out all sorts of upgrades.

“For sure this wing is not making the car quicker!” the Brazilian revealed.

“It was a day totally devoted to the aero tests we were doing for the future. Hopefully not for a too distant future, hopefully for earlier than we had even hoped for.

“We understood a lot of things that are important to help us develop the current car quicker, to make it better, especially in the type of corners we know we’re losing out to compared to the other teams.

“The feeling was good, yes, but we tried a lot of things, a lot. Some of them didn’t work, but the general feeling was very positive and we found things that were important to lead us in the direction we think we should be heading into to develop this car.”