Massa: Stroll relationship reminscent of Schumacher

Date published: May 8 2017

The current team dynamic at Williams has reminded Felipe Massa of his Ferrari days with Michael Schumacher.

Massa came out of a short-lived retirement to return to Williams, who were looking for an experienced driver to help Lance Stroll following Valtteri Bottas' departure to Mercedes.

With Massa now playing the role of mentor, his relationship with Stroll has triggered memories of when he was under Schumacher's wing in 2006.

“Yeah, I think so – I think I am passing [information] to Lance a little bit easier than Michael was passing to me.” Massa told Autosport.

“I was asking more than what he [Schumacher] was giving – but he was giving, he was giving a lot. For sure, when I was in front, he was not 100 percent happy.

“But I was asking a lot because I always saw Michael as a teacher, as a master, and I was not afraid to ask, to say 'what are you doing here, what are you doing there', I was asking everything I could from him.

“And he was telling me. But sometimes I needed to ask, he would not tell for free, you know.”

Massa went on to say he has been helping Stroll in any way he possibly can.

He added: “I'm helping him a lot, trying to pass everything I see, I pass to him. [We] get along very well and everything I can do to help him, I'm doing.

“For example, maybe in one corner I'm doing something that he's losing laptime there, so then he's just asking, I say 'oh you should do like this, like that'. Yeah, [it's] no problem.”

Massa also said that Stroll is still finding his feet in Formula 1 and should be given more time as he looks to secure his first points of the season.

The Brazilian said: “For sure, it's better to have both drivers scoring points for the team, that's what we need, that's what every team needs in the end. But we cannot forget he's learning, starting.

“He's definitely learning and, as I said, we just need to give the time.”