Max: Penalty points won’t change my approach


Max Verstappen is adamant he won't change his approach to race despite entering this year's championship with eight penalty points to his name.

While the teenage racer wowed many in his debut season with his daring passing, it didn't always go to plan.

He racked up eight penalty points in his debut campaign which means he is just four away from a one-race ban.

But despite that threat hanging over his head, the Toro Rosso driver insists he won't change his racing style.

"No, not so much because I think it's quite funny," he told

"I mean, I have the most penalty points but still you are winning three awards at the FIA [prizegiving].

"So it's funny but, in the end, it won't change my approach."

Verstappen, though, is hoping that Toro Rosso can up the ante this season putting him higher on the grid, meaning less overtaking and fewer chances for trouble.

He added: "Hopefully, we don't have to overtake so much and we are just a bit more up front so we don't have those risks and those problems.

"[Overtaking] is the most fun but, in the end, I would prefer to win a race without overtaking than finishing fifth from last."