Max unperturbed by lack of experience


Max Verstappen is unperturbed by his lack of experience in single-seater cars, saying he is confident he will make a smooth transition to Formula 1.

The 17-year-old will make history next year as he will become Formula 1’s youngest ever driver when he steps into the cockpit of his Toro Rosso at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

His rise through the ranks has been pretty rapid as he only moved over to single seaters at the start of 2014, competing in the Formula 3 European Championship for only one season ahead of his step up to F1.

However, the Dutch teenager believes the driving style in F3 and F1 is quite similar.

“Basically the driving style from a go-kart to a formula car is completely different,” he told Autosport.

“In the end, the jump from a Formula 3 car to a Formula 1 car the main thing is the same, it’s just happening much quicker.

“From go-kart to formula car it took a while to get used to, so I think that was a bigger jump than from F3 to F1.

“An F3 car is quite similar to an F1 car, just that you don’t have so much horsepower, but the downforce is quite a lot for such a car.

“In general the driving style is not that much of a difference.”

Having a former Formula 1 driver as your father has had plenty of benefits with Jos Verstappen showing his son the ropes from a very early age.

“I already had good guidance from go-karts already, from my dad,” he said. “He has always prepared me already much better than kids of the same age.

“I was always ahead, in go-karts as well. When I was driving in the junior karts I was already testing a higher category, so when you jump back to the junior category everything seems too easy.

“And we’ve basically always done it like that. I think my dad prepared me really well.

“We had a really good relationship, so I think for me it’s a different story than another 17-year-old.”