McLaren bid farewell to the MP4

Date published: February 3 2017 - Editor

McLaren will bid farewell to the MP4 this season, dropping the iconic prefix with their 2017 challenger named the MCL32.

McLaren have placed MP4 ahead of the name of their car since the 1981 Argentina Grand Prix, however, last year’s MP4-31 will be the last.

Amidst speculation that McLaren-Honda could adopt an orange livery this season, the team announced on Twitter than the car will also have a new name.

“2017 is all about change, and our car name is changing too. Ladies and gents, get set for the McLaren-Honda MCL32,” the Woking team tweeted.

The MCL32 will be unveiled on February 24, just prior to the start of pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona.