McLaren can financially ‘navigate’ Honda divorce


Although splitting with Honda could cost McLaren $100m, Zak Brown believes the Woking team can “navigate any financial situation”.

According to speculation in the paddock it is just a matter of time before McLaren announcing the end of their partnership with Honda.

The Woking team is believed to be switching to Renault power for next year’s championship.

The move, though, will not only cost McLaren in the region of $70m a year that Honda put on the table, but it also means they’ll have to buy engines which at present they receive for free.

Brown, though, says the financial hit would be worth the improved results.

“We can’t afford not to be on the podium,” the McLaren chief explained.

“It’s a big decision that has lots of elements to it, and economics are one.

“Fortunately we have extremely committed shareholders that we can make a sporting decision and deal with the economics.

“We’re not financially challenged. We can navigate any financial situation.”