McLaren can’t replicate aero issue in windtunnel


While McLaren acknowledge that their current car issues are down to aerodynamics, Zak Brown says they are having a tough time solving it as they can’t replicate it in the windtunnel.

McLaren failed to make it out of Q1 in qualifying for the French Grand Prix, their worst performance on a Saturday this season.

While Fernando Alonso was 16th fastest, missing out on Q2 by 0.027s, his team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne was 18th.

“We have identified the areas in which we have a problem or problems,” said Brown. “It’s in aerodynamics, it’s something that I’m not going to give much more than what I’m about ready to say.

“It’s something that doesn’t show up in the windtunnel. Therefore we can’t try and solve it in the windtunnel because we can’t replicate the issue or issues in the windtunnel.

“It’s not a windtunnel issue. What we’ve identified as the areas of weakness just simply doesn’t show up in a windtunnel.”

And with the windtunnel not helping, McLaren have been forced to try solve the issues during grand prix weekends as there is limited in-season testing in F1.

He added: “We have to try and fix the issues at the race track and with no testing, or very limited testing… I think you’ll see that we were running different configuration wings this weekend, different floors.

“Unfortunately we’re having to test and experiment at the race track. So while most other teams are now on their development path and their base programme is working for them we’re having to identify and work to solve these issues.

“We had some different aerodynamic devices last year that we don’t have this year and so we’re having to try and sort these issues out at the race track.”