McLaren dismiss developing own engines

Date published: April 4 2017 - Editor

McLaren's executive director Zak Brown has said there are no plans to develop their own engines in their quest to solve their long-running problems.

McLaren's rocky relationship with Honda has entered into a third year following a disastrous Winter Testing programme and a uncompetitive showing in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

And while rumours of a break-up between the two parties persist, one solution will not be McLaren producing their own engines in-house.

"McLaren Automotive is a different business unit with some common shareholders who we work very closely with," Brown said.

"Their engine is a McLaren engine but the F1 team has a different set of economic priorities and ways to go racing so that is not a conversation that we've had.

"What we can do in 10 years, who knows – but that is not a conversation [for now]. We are not an engine builder, we are a racing team and a car constructor."

Brown also reiterated that McLaren are working very hard alongside Honda to help get them up to speed with the rest of the field.

"We are very open with Honda," he added.

"We are working with them on what is the best way to be competitive as quickly as possible, and then ultimately to get back to the ultimate goal of winning the world championship together, so there has not been a real strain in the relationship.

"All our conversations with them have been [about] how we get out of this situation that we are in."