McLaren eye ‘experience and eagerness’


McLaren remain undecided about their 2015 driver line-up but Eric Boullier says they want a “mix of experience and eagerness”.

Both Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen are facing uncertain futures as one or both of them could make way for a big name with McLaren Group CEO Ron Dennis having previously admitted he would love to sign Fernando Alonso and/or Sebastian Vettel.

With Vettel expected to go to Ferrari, it leaves Alonso as an option while Lewis Hamilton’s name has also entered the equation in recent weeks.

McLaren Racing Director Boullier, though, says they have a clear vision about what they want.

“We need a mix of experience and eagerness,” he told the official Formula 1 website. “In this time of recovery for McLaren I need a boost, so our driver line-up needs to be boosting the team’s morale and team’s determination to reach as quickly as possible the level where we should be.”

He added: “I always said that we are working on the strategy for the coming years – plural – which means we could take on a big name now, or even two big names for next year, or we could stay the same and go for a big name – or again two big names – for 2016.

“We are still assessing what we should do, as it is a big decision that will obviously be driving our success for the medium term. If we take the wrong decision we could be successful in the short term but maybe not in the long term. And we are in the comfortable position of being able to wait. I know that doesn’t make it comfortable for [Button] and [Magnussen], but I have to think about McLaren first. We have to make sure we make the right decision.”