McLaren form ‘awful for Formula 1’


McLaren’s form is a “nightmare” and not just for the team but Formula 1 as a whole; that’s according to Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle.

Despite hopes that McLaren would be fighting for podiums and perhaps even race wins this season, the Honda-powered team looks instead to be fighting just to finish races.

They had the worst reliability during the pre-season and were slowest of all excluding Sauber.

And while Fernando Alonso was able to work his way up to 12th place on Friday’s practice timesheets, Brundle fears McLaren have in fact gone backwards.

“It’s a nightmare,” the former F1 driver said. “They seem to have gone backwards.

“You could understand year one when even Mercedes were saying if they had come in as early as Honda had they would have had all the same problems, probably more.

“They were better in 2016 but have gone backwards this year. It’s awful for Formula 1.

“Nobody needs the great McLaren team, Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne blowing up and down the back of the field.”