McLaren have ‘Plan B & C’ should Alonso leave


As speculation about Fernando Alonso’s future continued at Monza, Zak Brown admitted that McLaren have a “Plan B and C” in place should he opt to leave.

Although Alonso stated prior to the Italian Grand Prix weekend that he was “extremely happy” at McLaren and believes that they “could have the package to win a championship”, rumours of his pending departure continue.

While some reports are suggesting he could be heading to Williams next season, others claim he’ll be leaving F1 and swapping to the IndyCar series.

McLaren, though, are keen to hold onto the double World Champion and continue to look into other engine options in a bid to do so.

However, should Alonso decide to leave, Brown says McLaren do have other plans in place.

“Negotiations are ongoing and they are going very well,” the McLaren chief told Reuters.

“But you’ve got to have a Plan B and C in the event you don’t reach an agreement.

“And we’ve got those plans.”