McLaren-Honda hopeful of points in Russia


As McLaren drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso continue to search for the first points this season, team boss Yusuke Hasegawa has revealed their power unit is nearly there.

Suffering a troublesome season last year and with replacement Stoffel Vandoorne scoring the only points for the team in 2016, Hasegawa has said that although he is pleased that they have improved, securing points is their main goal.

"We think that our power unit is nearly there, so we're looking towards another solid weekend of running and hope that we can be in a position to score some points in the race on Sunday," he explained.

Previewing the Russian Grand Prix, Hasegawa said that they will be looking to unlock the full potential of the Honda-powered McLaren and added that it is a good opportunity to show fans that their car is competitive on a difficult track.

"Sochi remains a demanding track for us," he continued.

"The long straights combined with the stop and start nature mean the balance of energy management is essential to get right during the sessions.

"Unlocking power and managing fuel will also be key, and, with fuel consumption high, it will be important for us to recover as much energy as possible under braking.

"Overall, the track is quite technical, so it will certainly be a challenge for the team and the drivers."