McLaren ‘not at all’ worried about Renault reliability


Although Renault had a torrid time in the latter half of last season with the reliability of their power units, McLaren are confident they’ve taken measures to resolve it.

Swapping to Renault power ahead of this year’s championship, McLaren are hoping for more pace and better reliability than what they had with Honda.

The latter, though, wasn’t Renault’s strong suit in the second half of last year’s championship so much so that Toro Rosso and Renault engaged in a public war of words.

Despite their troubles, which also affected Red Bull and the Renault’s work team, McLaren racing director Eric Boullier believe the French manufacturer will get it right this season.

He told France’s Auto Hebdo: “Not at all. Renault has taken the necessary measures and made great efforts to make progress in this area.”

McLaren have also had to do their part, adapting their car to the Renault power unit.

“The employees voluntarily worked throughout the holidays,” Boullier added.

“Everyone has taken the news about the transition to Renault very positively, and we are working perfectly with our new supplier already,”

As for going up against Red Bull and Renault with the same engine, Boullier denied that it ramps up the pressure, saying it is instead motivating.

“We do not feel additional pressure. On the contrary.

“The team is motivated by the fact that we will have two strong rivals in Red Bull and Renault. McLaren is in formula one to perform, not for the numbers,” he said.