McLaren penalties hit the 100 mark


Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button will get a combined 105-place grid penalty, yes you read that right, after McLaren-Honda fitted new engines on their cars for a second time in Belgium.

With Japanese manufacturer Honda putting new power units in both MP4-30s ahead of Friday's practice, the FIA confirmed in the evening that Alonso and Button would be hit with a total 55-place grid place penalties.

However, the story doesn't end there as Alonso's car received an eighth turbocharger and MGU-H ahead of final practice and qualifying on Saturday, while he is also using a seventh ICE and MGU-K. Button, meanwhile, is up to his ninth turbocharger and MGU-H while he is now on his eighth MGU-K.

The latest changes will result in a 25-place grid penalty for each, bringing the total for the weekend 105.

There is good news for McLaren, though, as they will only be sent to the back of the grid and there will be no in-race penalties.

"We ran two new engines yesterday, to put new engines in the pool, and then we changed the engines last night because we knew we were going to take a penalty," McLaren chief operating officer Jonathan Neale told Sky Sports F1.

"Under the existing regulations we're entitled to take another two [engines] and get them in the pool, so if we're going to take some pain then we'll take it here rather than have some further problems down the line.

"I'm not suggesting we're completely out of the woods, but [it works] in terms of a strategy to get more engines in the pool to give us a clearer run.

"And Honda wanted to introduce this particular engine here, which they've used some tokens for as well, so it's the start of another development path for us with them."