McLaren, Red Bull blocked revised qualy


The announcement that Formula 1 will continue with the new qualifying format in Bahrain is due to McLaren and Red Bull reportedly saying no to a revised format.

This season Formula 1 trialed a new qualifying format at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix which bombed spectacularly in Q3.

While Q1 and Q2 did have some of the excitement promised through the eliminations, Q3 saw the top eight drivers put in one run and then wait in the pits while they were counted out.

Pole position, which went to Lewis Hamilton, was decided with four minutes still to run in the session.

Formula 1 bosses promised an immediate return to last year’s system, however, instead at Thursday’s F1 Commission meeting it was decided that the new system would be used again in Bahrain.

According to, that’s because McLaren and Red Bull were not willing to compromise on the format.

The proposal on the table in Thursday’s meeting was to continue with the elimination format in Q1 and Q2 while Q3 would revert to the 2015 format with the final group of drivers in action until the very end of the session when pole position would be decided.

McLaren and Red Bull, however, refused to agree to the revised format as they reportedly wanted the elimination format dropped completely.

Without their agreement the revised format could not go through and as such the elimination system will be used in its entirety in Bahrain.