McLaren ‘seriously considering IndyCar’


McLaren could enter IndyCar as early as next season, paving the way for Fernando Alonso to swap series while still staying on in the McLaren fold.

McLaren chief Zak Brown has often spoken of his desire to see the Woking team enter the American series and last year put the pieces together to allow Alonso a shot at the Indianapolis 500.

He is, however, considering a more permanent slot in the series with McLaren representatives attending last weekend’s IndyCar race in Detroit.

“We’re seriously considering IndyCar, we have been doing due diligence for quite some time,” Brown told Reuters.

“As stated before if we are going to get into other forms of motorsport we need to do it in a way that doesn’t compromise our Formula One activities or we won’t consider it.

“It needs to be commercially viable, something we feel we can be competitive in and fits our brand.

“It has to tick all those boxes.

“We are not done with our due diligence yet but it is looking favorable so we’ll take a decision in order to be prepared for 2019 some time in the coming months.”

Should McLaren enter IndyCar it would open a door for Alonso.

Although the Spaniard has stated he has a long-term Formula 1 deal with McLaren, he also wants to achieve the triple crown which includes the Indianapolis 500.

Disillusioned with F1, a McLaren IndyCar team could be the answer.

“He’s been doing Formula One a long time and I think he is enjoying driving as much as he ever has,” said Brown. “I think he is driving better than he ever has.

“He is a bit frustrated with Formula One being more of Constructors’ Championship than a Drivers’ Championship.

“But he loves Formula One, loves world endurance so hopefully we will keep Fernando in the McLaren environment in some way shape or form.”