McLaren set to push for Honda divorce

Date published: August 31 2017 - Simon Wilkes

McLaren are reportedly ready to finally sign the divorce papers and split from Honda, with crunch talks set to take place at the Italian Grand Prix.

According to Autosport, the Woking-based team have not been convinced that the Japanese manufacturer can improve their fortunes after issuing them with an ultimatum earlier in the season.

There is also pressure coming from Fernando Alonso, who said after his latest retirement in Spa that he would be willing to work with McLaren again next year but is not overly keen with the prospect of having to work with Honda as well.

It is set to be a messy break-up, but with rumours circulating that talks between Toro Rosso and Honda are back on, it would free up McLaren to be powered by Renault next season.

McLaren would be willing to supply Toro Rosso with their gearboxes if it meant the Red Bull junior team having Honda power units in their car, but Honda are believed to be reluctant at this stage to agree a deal as they still believe they can make McLaren great again.