McLaren unhappy with customer supply rule


Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa says it is “natural” that McLaren don’t want to share their engine supplier as the latter held talks with the FIA.

As of next season motorsport’s governing body can instruct the engine supplier with the fewest customers to supply a team that is without a power unit.

This new rule has not gone down well with McLaren.

The Woking team has spoken several teams about their desire to keep Honda to themselves, even putting an end to Honda’s talks with Red Bull Racing last season.

As a result of their stance, McLaren-Honda have reportedly held talks with the FIA about the new regulation.

Asked about the talks, Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa told Autosport: “It was focused on the obligation and customer supply.

“It is natural they [McLaren] don’t want to divide our resource to other teams which I agree about.

“They don’t want to improve their rivals. Honda doesn’t want to have enforced obligation.

“But it is a regulation and we are happy to support this F1 activity.”

But while Honda are “happy to support” the idea, McLaren are stedfast in their desire to keep their engine supplier to themselves.

Racing Director Eric Boullier said: “We are currently still discussing with the FIA about the outcome of this regulation, or, let’s say, this agreement between the FIA and the engine manufacturers.

“Most of it, we agree with. There are still a few clauses where we may still have discussion ongoing.

“We have our opinion, our position.

“We are obviously investing with Honda a lot in the sport, making sure there is a competitive fourth power unit manufacturer soon.

“That’s why we discuss and may, at some times, have some opinions that are a little bit different.”