Meet Gina, Vettel’s Ferrari SF70H

Date published: March 23 2017

In keeping with tradition Sebastian Vettel has reportedly named his new Ferrari SF70H, calling it ‘Gina’.

It was back in 2008, his first full season in Formula 1, that Vettel began the tradition of naming his cars.

That year’s Toro Rosso, the STR3, he named ‘Julie’.

It was the car that carried Vettel to his first pole position and grand prix win at that year’s Italian Grand Prix.

And after 42 race wins and four World titles, the German has continued the tradition of naming his car with this year’s Ferrari reportedly called ‘Gina’.

This list of names:
2008 Toro Rosso: Julie
2009 Red Bull: Kate and Kate’s Dirty Sister
2010 Red Bull: Luscious Liz
2011 Red Bull: Kinky Kylie
2012 Red Bull: Abbey
2013 Red Bull: Hungry Heidi
2014 Red Bull: Suzie
2015 Ferrari: Eva
2016 Ferrari: Margherita
2017 Ferrari: Gina