‘Baseball bat’ could not remove Merc T-wing


Having taken steps to strengthen their T-wing ahead of Saturday’s final practice in Bahrain, Toto Wolff says it couldn’t be taken off even with a “baseball bat now.”

Mercedes caught the attention of the FIA in Bahrain when, for the second race weekend in succession, the T-wing fell off Valtteri Bottas’ car during a practice session.

The reigning World Champions were ordered to strengthen the wing and guarantee the FIA that it was safe.

Wolff says they have done just that.

“We fixed the problem,” the Mercedes motorsport boss told Motorsport.com. “It has been strengthened.

“You wouldn’t be able to take that thing off with a baseball bat now, so it should be OK.”

As for Christian Horner wanting T-wings banned after Bottas’ damaged the floor of Max Verstappen’s car, Wolff says that it to be expected.

“It’s clear Christian needs to do that,” he said.

“You’re trying to take parts off from other cars that function.

“It’s perfectly understandable – plus, it ruined their floor.”