‘Merc won’t interfere in private lives’


As Lewis Hamilton's well documented holiday comes to an end, Toto Wolff insists Mercedes will not interfere in their drivers' private lives.

Hamilton made good use of his summer break as he headed to Barbados, dancing, smoking a cigar and clearly not caring what anyone thought as demonstrated by one caption for a pic.

He also spent time in other places, including New York, and posted photos on his twitter account hanging with the "incredible and legendary, Jack Nicholson" as well as the "legendary Jon Bon Jovi."

But while his celebrity lifestyle may not go down well with some, especially if he fails to deliver a win this Sunday in Belgium, Wolff is adamant Mercedes won't try curb his lifestyle.

After all, the Merc motorsport boss says, he would not be happy if someone told him how to live his life.

Wolff told Autosport: "I try to avoid looking at social media in general because it doesn't always reflect what is really happening, and therefore I am always a bit cautious when it comes to what I hear and see.

"But Lewis knows himself, he knows what he needs and wants, what he likes and doesn't like.

"I think if he enjoys himself in travelling, and entertaining himself, than that is what he should do.

"We will be the last ones to interfere in his private life. I wouldn't want anybody to interfere in mine and tell me what I should do on holiday, so I won't do it with him either."