Mercedes call for active suspensions


Mercedes are reportedly pushing for the FIA to bring back active suspensions to Formula 1, believing it could help to cut costs.

While Mercedes are believed to be advocates of the system, it has been Red Bull who have benefitted most from a 'trick suspension' system which is now outlawed.

It allowed them to optimise their aerodynamic and tyre performance by adjusting the ride height of the car through the corners, attacking with a low front end and keeping the rear of the car high.

But, with the FIA clamping down on the intricate system, there are two potential proposals on the table to replace it. The first is to introduce a simpler system with springs and dampers; the other is to bring back 'active suspensions' which have not been used since 1993.

An unnamed Mercedes engineer told Auto Bild: "It's cheaper because you can develop the system once and then freeze it. It will save a million euros a year and there would be no more grey areas.

"It would be much easier for the FIA to control, and it would help overtaking because you can programme the system to minimise the impact of the turbulence behind the car."