Mercedes defend Formula 1 criticism


Toto Wolff insists Mercedes’ recent criticism of F1 and Liberty Media was said with intention of wanting the best for the sport.

Following Liberty’s announcement regarding their 2021 engine proposal, Mercedes hit out at the sport’s new owners.

Niki Lauda was arguably the most vocal, saying he is “worried” that Liberty are going against the very “DNA” of F1.

Wolff, though, says anything said by members of the Mercedes team is done in the hope of making F1 better.

“I think we have one thing in common between the FIA and Liberty and the teams: it is all that we want F1 to do well,” he told

“This is a platform that Bernie [Ecclestone] invented. It has thrived for nearly 70 years and we have responsibility to keep it great and make it even better. And that is the bond between us.

“We have differences of opinion which is clear, and it is also about finding common denominators.”