Mercedes ‘definitely’ need engine upgrade


Mercedes have had the most powerful engine since the beginning of 2014 but Valtteri Bottas says they “definitely” need an upgrade after falling behind in Montreal.

Mercedes were expected to join their rivals in introducing an updated engine at the Canadian GP but that plan fell through due to a “quality issue.”

As such the team will now bring the upgrade to the next race, France, with Sunday’s runner-up finishers Bottas conceding it is needed.

“We need it definitely,” Bottas said.

“[Sunday] showed that we are not quick enough. We definitely need it and we are going to get for the next race so that’s good.”

Despite starting second in Canada, Bottas struggled to challenge Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel for the race win.

“Since lap one really [Ferrari] seemed to be a bit quicker all the time and they could control the race and were really pushing on it and we got into a little bit of trouble in the end, running out of fuel; that’s why Max got close in the end.

“I think this was the maximum. [Qualifying] was about hundredths of a second, so maybe from pole it could have been different, but from P2 we maxed out. I’m happy for that but I’m not happy that we were behind.”