Mercedes denies sabotage claims

Date published: October 7 2016 - Editor

After Lewis Hamilton made comments about someone, or something, working against him after his engine blow-out in Malaysia, Mercedes tech boss Paddy Lowe told onlookers not to take his remarks seriously.

Lowe hit back at conspiracy theorists, saying that it is absurd to think that Mercedes would do such a thing, with Hamilton himself saying that the comments he made were taken out of context.

The 54-year-old said that in this sport things go wrong unwillingly and added that if they were good enough to specifically time an incident then they would have had no failures throughout the year.

“If we were good enough to arrange such sabotage, we wouldn’t have any failures,” he said.

“F1 is a tough business. The engineering operates right at the boundaries of performance so things do go wrong.

“Anyone with an ounce of intelligence analysing the situation would realise that the prospect of us designing a piece of equipment to fail at that precise moment… if we were that good we would be able to control everything.”

He also went onto claim that there is no favourtism in the Silver Arrow garage.

“If we invent something that makes us quicker then of course we want it in both cars because we want to win the race,” he concluded.