Mercedes drop opposition to losing the MGU-H


Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 has taken a step closer to agreeing the 2021 engine regulations after Mercedes dropped their opposition to losing the MGH-H.

Mercedes have dominated the sport since the introduction of turbo-hybrid engines back in 2014.

The Brackley squad has mastered the complex MGU-H technology with Mercedes fighting to keep it in the sport post-2020 when the new engine regulations come into effect.

However, Wolff has revealed they have given up on that fight.

“We have given up on some of the stand points, we have accepted to lose the MGU-H,” said the Mercedes motorsport boss.

“We think the [replacement] technology is a step backwards but in terms of achieving compromise for the benefit of the spectacle, the revs going up, the fuel limitations going – I think we will have a louder engine, we will not be so limited by fuel…

“It’s not the most sustainable message we are sending out but we can understand from a spectacle standpoint it is something you need to consider and accept.

“On the engine regulations we are pretty close to be able to tick the box but the only major thing which we need to solve is spending and how to avoid spending double over the next couple of years by developing the current engine and the new one.”

The Austrian admitted that he had “one major” moment during the Strategy Group meetings where he lost his cool as others tried to dumb down the engines and step away from hybrid technologoy.

“I had a bit of a moment in the Strategy Group,” he said. “I had one major one where I needed to speak to my anger management psychologist, when we talked about getting rid of all fuel-flow limitations that we have, all fuel allowances and just completely open it up from the get-go now.

“I think we cannot close our eyes to what’s happening in the world. Hybrid energy recovery systems happen on road cars, they need to happen in Formula One in my opinion, but equally we have to understand what the fan is interested in.

“It needs the technology message, it cannot go without the technology message in Formula One, but it needs to be at the level where we recognise the spectacle is important and shocking your senses with an engine sound is something where we can improve.”