Michelin submits F1 tyre supply bid


Michelin has announced that they will be bidding to become Formula 1's sole tyre supplier from 2017-2019.

That honour is currently held by Pirelli who are in their second term in the role. The Italian manufacturer has also applied to remain the sole supplier.

Michelin are looking to return to the sport after more than a decade on the sidelines, having last provided F1 with tyres in the 2005 season.

Michelin’s motorsport boss Pascal Couasnon has revealed that the French outfit's decision to engineer a return to the sport is due to their displeasure with the way in which tyres have developed in F1.

"The reasoning is we've been proposing ideas, talking about Formula 1 and that we are disappointed, especially where it is today tyre-wise," Couasnon told Autosport.

"If we want to be credible and consistent then you cannot complain or comment if you don't bring solutions.

"So it has made sense for me to say if we have ideas, then let's go and propose these ideas, and we'll see if people are interested or not.

"At least then nobody can say to us, 'well guys, you are talking, but you are not acting'. Now, we are acting."

Key to Michelin's bid is a proposal to move F1 towards 18-inch wheels which they believe are 'racier' and have more relevance to road cars.

"In making a proposal we are trying to change the situation a little. We believe the image of tyres in Formula 1 is not what we would like to do, or makes sense," Couasnon explained.

"The tyre used as an object you throw away after a few laps, or whatever, is not really something that is good for the tyre industry.

"We say there's another way to ensure a good show, as we saw over the weekend (at Le Mans), with high-technology tyres lasting with good grip, and you can have a show."

Indeed, it appears that a switch to 18-inch wheels is non-negotiable for Michelin.

“It's clear that even if we go through the FIA process and they say: "You can get in but with the 13-inch, then it won't go further,” Couasnon added to Motorsport.com.