Miles: IndyCar not luring F1 drivers away


Miles, the CEO of Hulman & Company, the parent company of IndyCar, has denied they are actively trying to take drivers away from Formula 1.

Miles was part of the discussions that led to Fernando Alonso missing the Monaco Grand Prix in order to race at the Indy500 later this month.

But he insisted that Alonso's case was a "unique" opportunity and not part of a bigger plan to tempt drivers away from their other disciplines.

“I don’t think it’s a strategy for us," Miles said via

"This happened in a unique set of circumstances in so many respects so we are not going to be following the Grand Prix series around and trying to poach drivers!

“I think more drivers will pay more attention to it and we’ll see what happens but, while there may be points in their career where it makes sense, it’s not a strategy.

“It’s happened with NASCAR as well, where a champion driver gets a chance to see how he can do in other championships, which I admire, It’s a very courageous act.”

Miles also believes that Alonso choosing Indy500 instead of Monaco will in fact raise the profile of Formula 1.

He added: "We genuinely believe this is a win-win-win. It’s great for Fernando. His stock in the States and his recognition is up, as is Formula 1’s.

"Everyone’s heard of Formula 1 but we only have one race [in the U.S.] at the moment and I’m sure they’re trying as much as Alonso is, in many respects, to take advantage of that, and good for them.

“And for us, obviously, it creates a chance to get the attention of a lot more fans. I think we have been insular over the years and I think our racing is compelling so I think we expect to spend more time promoting the series around the world.”