Monaco Grand Prix: The Pearl of Formula 1

Ross Gibson

Monaco Grand Prix; There is no race or circuit in Formula 1 that can match the glamour and the challenge of this race, a circuit full of history that is build along the Casino Square, through the tunnel and past the luxurious yachts.

Being challenging for both teams and drivers, the circuit has fueled dreams for decades, although there are almost no overtaking opportunities. But for some drivers winning this Grand Prix is more important than winning the World Championship.

The last winner, Sebastian Vettel, was pretty impressed with his victory, declaring for Sky Sports: “It feels unbelievable. It was a very intense race. I hoped to have a better launch at the start and I had to be patient. The tires started to slide in the first stint and the pack were catching up a bit but then I had a second attempt and had a couple of laps where the car was really good. I was able to use that window to come ahead and after that I could control the race.”

Monaco Grand Prix – The Beginning

Antony Noghès, a close friend of the ruling Grimaldi family and the president of the Monegasque motor club (Automobile Club de Monaco), had the idea of developing a Grand Prix around the streets of Monaco. In 1929 the first race was held and it was won by William Grover-Williams who was driving a Bugatti.

Until present days, only three local drivers have won this race. In 1931, Louis Chiron did it at a non-championship Grand Prix. After 82 years, Stefano Coletti crossed the line first in 2013 at the sprint race of Monaco GP2 Series. A year later, Stéphane Richelmi also won the sprint race of the Monaco GP2 Series.

The Modern Day Circuit
To build the circuit takes around six weeks, while dismantling it adds another three. The race circuit has many elevation shifts, tight corners and it is very narrow. Its features makes it one of the most demanding tracks in Formula 1. The circuit has changed a lot during these years, but at present it contains both the slowest corner in Formula 1 (the Fairmont Hairpin) and one of the quickest (the flat out kink in the tunnel).

As we have mentioned the tunnel, we must tell you that this famous section is said to be very difficult for drivers to cope with because of the switch from light to dark to light again. In fact, due to the twisty nature of the circuit, the whole race is a hard one and there is little overtaking.

Monegasque Exciting and Glamorous Experiences

When you decide to participate in the Monaco Grand Prix, you are sure to have a great time, as Monaco is one of the top tourist attractions worldwide. The Grand Prix is the main event during the weekend, but you can make some time to explore the dazzling wonders of the town, as Friday is free from races. Here’s what you can visit:

  • Monaco’s old town;
  • the Prince’s Palace;
  • Nicholas Cathedral;
  • Monaco Harbor;
  • the Monegasque casinos.

The Monte Carlo Casino
Officially named Casino de Monte Carlo, the place is a gambling and entertainment venue in Monaco that includes the casino, the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo and the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. If you wish to pay a visit at the casino, you will find a variety of games that include: roulette, stud poker, blackjack, trente et quarante, craps, baccarat, video poker and slot machines. It may happen that you don’t have the time to see the Monte Carlo Casino, but don’t worry, you can also play on the go while visiting an online casino.

A Hospitable Grand Prix

Once you enter the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix you can get your personalized experience. You will get to enjoy extravagant yachts, terraces and some of the most glamorous activities you will find out there.