‘Monaco race is on Saturday in qualifying’


With overtaking “almost impossible” in Monaco, Guenther Steiner says it is imperative that Haas have a good qualifying in the Principality.

Formula 1’s next stop is Monaco, undoubtedly the world’s most famous street circuit.

The Monte Carlo circuit has a tight twisty layout that makes it very difficult to overtake.

As such team boss Steiner says the outcome of the grand prix will largely be determined by the Saturday results.

“The race is on Saturday in qualifying,” Steiner said.

“Overtaking is almost impossible, so if nobody crashes or nothing eventful happens on track or during the pit stops, it can be very difficult.

“Strategy is key for this race. The only place you can overtake is in pit lane if you are close to somebody.”

As for Romain Grosjean, he says qualifying will be key and if that doesn’t work, big risks will be required to get a good result.

The Frenchman explained: “It’s almost impossible to pass in Monaco, unless you take big risks, and in that case you may spend some hours with the stewards afterward.

“Qualifying is the key. You really want to be on the front row.

“Once the race starts, you want a good start and try to hang in there. It’s one of those races where the chances to overtake are very low.

“Something really needs to happen for you to be able to come back if you’re racing at the back.”