Monza edges closer to new F1 deal


It looks like Monza will remain on the Formula 1 calendar for the foreseeable future and Bernie Ecclestone admits it is "obviously good news".

The track is one of the historic venues in the sport and has hosted all but one Italian Grand Prix since 1950, but concerns were raised over its future after promoters failed to reach an agreement with Ecclestone over a new deal.

With the current contract expiring after 2016 and the venue struggling to attract big crowds, there were suggestions that Monza and Imola could share the Italian GP or the country could lose the race altogether.

However, recent reports have been more positive and La Gazzetta dello Sport claims the government has approved a tax-free investment scheme that will keep the race at Monza.

"With a tax-free investment we can close the deal with Ecclestone by early September, "Roberto Maroni, the governor of Lombardy, told the paper.

"This week I will meet with Andrea Dall'Orto, the president of SIAS [Monza's management company] to close the deal with the mayors of Milan and Monza by the end of August.

"The GP has to stay in Monza."

And of course commercial rights holder Ecclestone is pleased that things are moving in the right direction.

"This is obviously good news. Let's hope they can do what they hope they can do," he told Autosport in an interview.

"We're happy and we want to continue at Monza, that is for sure, but we want to do so on the same sort of terms other people pay in Europe because there are no concessions, not at all."