Monza mayor ‘sure’ of new deal


Roberto Scanagatti, the mayor of Monza, is "sure" Formula 1 will remain at the Italian circuit beyond this year's grand prix.

Monza's negotiations with Bernie Ecclestone continue to rumble on.

For every positive comment that hints at a new deal, there is one from Ecclestone speaking about how F1 does not need Monza and its other old traditional circuits.

Scanagatti, though, is confident that when all is said and done, Monza will take its place on the F1 calendar.

“I am sure that the one in 2016 will not be Monza's last Formula One grand prix,” he told Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“In 2016 the contract expires and there is an ongoing negotiation that has lasted a long time, but I am certain the deal will be renewed because Formula One cannot conceive a world without venues like Monte Carlo, Silverstone and Monza. They all are historic circuits.

“Like all negotiations there are tactics that are used but if the interest is generally for F1, I believe that a solution will be found.

“I do not see an F1 without Monza, I think the end result will be obtained.”

Monza has featured on the Formula 1 in all but one, 1980, season since the official F1 World Championship began in 1950.