More backlash to ‘bullsh*t’ Verstappen penalty


Christian Horner, Jos Verstappen, Dr Helmut Marko and Niki Lauda have all heavily criticised the decision to penalise Max Verstappen for his last-lap overtake on Kimi Raikkonen.

Verstappen thought he had clinched a 11th career podium spot, but the stewards slapped him with a five-second penalty for exceeding track limits on his move for P3 and, as a result, was removed from the podium.

That sparked disbelief among many in the paddock and fans alike, with the Red Bull boss leading the discontent over the decision.

“There’s been cars going off track all day today and no action at all, so I think it would be unbelievably harsh to give Max a penalty,” Horner told Sky Sports.

“It’s wrong. We’ll have a look at it, but for me it was fair, hard racing. I think that’s a bad judgement by the stewards to have made that call.

“He did it the hard way. We’ve seen cars off track all day today, all weekend, so to penalise him at this stage, that’s not right.”

Verstappen Sr then took to Twitter with the following messages: “This is bullsh*t. Sorry. This sucks” and “Shame on you FIA”.

Red Bull advisor Marko chimed in: “Decisions like that destroy the sport. We want exciting races. Not pedantic penalties like that.”

And Mercedes’ Niki Lauda also berated the stewards for the decision.

He said: “They shouldn’t intervene in situations like that. It was a normal overtaking move. You can’t be more stupid than that.”