Mosley: Bernie will walk if new owners interfere


Max Mosley believes Bernie Ecclestone will not stick around if Formula 1’s new owners, Liberty Media, interfere in the running of the sport.

Earlier this month it was announced that Liberty Media had agreed a deal to takeover Formula 1 for $4.4b, buying all the shares of Delta Topco, F1’s parent company.

At the same time it was also confirmed that Ecclestone would stay on as chief executive officer.

However, former FIA president Mosley reckons the 85-year-old will only remain as long as Liberty Media leave him to run the business.

“These people may take a more active role and they want to sort of run the business but that could bring them into conflict with Bernie,” Mosley told BBC 5 live.

But he added: “It is much more likely there will be a collaboration.”

At 85 years of age, and with a reported three-year contract in place, Mosley concedes that Liberty Media do need to consider a successor to Ecclestone.

“There has to be a succession sooner or later unless Bernie’s immortal, which I don’t think he is. So I guess this would be part of that process.

“But as far as the overall picture is concerned, I doubt very much that anything is going to change because they bring I would imagine certain sorts of expertise to the table.

“But Bernie on the other hand has this enormous big knowledge of F1 which they certainly won’t have so they will need him.

“It is going to be very interesting to see what things they wish to do in addition to what has been done already.”