Mosley: I would have left Ecclestone in charge


Max Mosley says if he had been at the helm at Liberty Media he would have kept Bernie Ecclestone on to deal with promoters and organisers, the things he does “superbly.”

Earlier this month there was a change of the guard at the very top of Formula 1 as Liberty Media completed their takeover of the sport.

It was immediately announced that Bernie Ecclestone had stepped down as CEO with Liberty’s Chase Carey taking over the top position.

Ecclestone has been kept on as Chairman Emeritus but that is a position that has yet to be defined.

“If it had been me in the case of Liberty, I’d have kept Bernie on to do the things that he’s superbly good at – such as dealing with the promoters and the organisers and all that side of it,” Mosley told Reuters.

The former FIA president added that Liberty could have concentrated on “doing the things that up to now have not been done, but of course they bought a business and are fully entitled to come in and think they can run the whole business better and we’ll just have to see what happens.”

“You’ve always got to be careful, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But they are fully aware of that,” Mosley continued.

“They (Liberty) are serious business people. Whether they can deal with everything better than they could have dealt with it using Bernie for the things he’s good at, and then doing the things that they know about, is an open question. We shall see.”

Mosley also warned Formula 1’s new owners that they face a tough challenge in the coming years.

“It always looks easy from the outside,” he warned.

“It’s like if I think I could go and fix horse racing. But if you actually go and try and do it, you find there are a whole mass of problems you never even knew about. But maybe they will be very successful and get the job done.”