Nasr: Precision is key


As Felipe Nasr prepares to tackle the Marina Bay Circuit for the first time in F1, the Sauber rookie says precision driving will be key.

Following two high-speed circuits, the Formula 1 drivers now face the challenge of the 23-corner Marina Bay Circuit.

Having to contend with high heat and humidity and racing at night, the task is compounded by the fact that it all takes place on a street circuit.

"Racing there is a physical challenge, because of the high temperature as well as the high humidity," Nasr said.

"Managing to put in the perfect laps during the night race will also be challenging.

"You need to drive very precisely through every one of the 23 corners on each lap, especially the tight ones."

Nasr also revealed that Sauber will race an upgraded aero package at the Singapore GP.

He added: "We also have our aero-update there, which is important and encourages everyone in the team."