NEW! Swarovski Crystal F1 Helmet in the PlanetF1 Shop


We have added a bit of Spring bling to the PlanetF1 Shop with this ultimate, luxurious Swarovski embellished F1 racing helmet!

Model and designer, Hope Dworaczyk founded her ‘Head Jewellery’ design house ‘House of Hope’ after her husband insisted she wore a helmet on the ski slopes, rather than her fashionable hats.

A few meetings with Swarovski later, and she had come up with the ski helmet for the world’s elite – completely adorned with shimmering Swarovski crystals.

Hope is now bringing her Swarovski formula to Formula One, with a bespoke Swarovski embellishment and design service for racing helmets.

The embellished helmets are not intended for professional racing, due to the crystals not being ideally shaped for F1 aerodynamics! They are the ultimate, opulent display piece for any discerning motorsport fan.

There are over 60 Swarovski crystal colours to choose from and each F1 helmet is adorned with approximately 40,000 crystals!

Prices start at £30,000 for a fully embellished helmet.

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