New ultra soft tyres only for street circuits

Date published: November 25 2015 - Editor

Pirelli's ultra soft compound is likely to only make its debut at the Monaco GP next year as the new rubber will only be used on street circuits.

The Italian manufacturer confirmed last month that it plans to increase its dry tyre range to five with the purple-branded ultra softs added to the hard, soft, medium and supersoft options.

The new tyre will be tested for the first time after this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but it will only be used on street circuits in 2016, according to Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery.

The supersoft compounds were only used in Monaco, Canada, Austria, Singapore, Russia and Abu Dhabi this year and the new purple-marked rubber is likely to get its debut in Monte Carlo.

"It's only for the street circuits because as we saw in Monaco and in Singapore the wear levels are very low at the moment," he is quoted as saying by

"Cars are sliding less and the change we made is a boost in terms of wear levels.

"Maybe too much, but with the lack of testing we're not being able to make any further changes to the product so we're living with that we have because the cars will be quicker next year.

"Every year they improve, so what was okay last year may be quite dramatically different next year."

Many people believe more pit stops would make Formula 1 races more exciting, but Hembery concedes that things are unlikely to change much if they can't experiment.

"The idea is to get two or three pitstops and the compounds next year will be the same as we have this year, plus one as I mentioned, so is not going to be dramatically different.

"Although we're trying to change the internal part of the tyre to create a cliff after certain number of laps which will force teams into making a change.

"But that's not the same we had in the past in terms of degradation. We need to experiment and see if delivers what we expect."