‘New York GP and no major event collisions’


F1’s new owners are reportedly to keen to ensure that next year’s races do not collide with major sporting events, such as Monaco and the Indy 500 or Silverstone and the Wimbledon final.

Liberty Media have already announced that next year’s calendar will cover 21 races with France in and Malaysia out.

However, there could be further changes to the schedule come 2019.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, Formula 1’s new owners “want to conquer the American market and strengthen the interest in Formula 1 with additional US races.”

They intend doing this by reviving Bernie Ecclestone’s plan to host a New York Grand Prix, which could be on the calendar as early as 2019.

Although it could “theoretically already take place in 2018” with expedited approval, the publication reports that 2019 “looks more likely” as there is no space on next year’s calendar.

As for sporting boss Ross Brawn’s desire to see the New York event held at night, that could prove problematic for European viewers as it would mean that the race starts after midnight.

Added to that Liberty Media want to avoid conflicts between Formula 1 and other major sporting events meaning some races could be held on different weekends as early as next season.

This season the Australian GP collided with the start of the Australian Football League while Monaco clashes with the Indianapolis 500 and the British GP takes place on the same day as the Wimbledon final.