Newey: Catching Merc will be very difficult


Adrian Newey reckons Mercedes could run away with this year’s Championship titles as it will be “very difficult” for their engine rivals to close the gap.

Putting their superior engine to work in 2014, Mercedes claimed the Championship double, untroubled by their rivals.

In a 19-race season, the Brackley team clinched all but three race victories and amassed 11 1-2 grand prix finishes. They also started every race bar one from pole position.

The question now is whether engine rivals Renault, Ferrari or even Honda have what it takes to close the gap ahead of the 2015 season.

Newey, though, has warned it won’t be easy.

“Can Renault and Ferrari get to Mercedes’ level? It’s going to be a very difficult challenge – and of course we don’t know where Honda are going to come in,” Newey told Sky Sports News HQ.

As the Red Bull design guru faces his first year in a background role, Newey, who has at times been critical of the sport’s regulations, says F1 has found a good balance between engine and car.

“With a slightly weaker engine but a superior chassis you can still win and vice versa.

“We have a reasonably even balance between engine and chassis – which, in my view, is how it should be.”