Newey: F1 favours engines too much


Adrian Newey has once again hit out at Formula 1 for being an engine dominated sport.

This year the technical guru will take a back seat at Red Bull Racing, switching his focus from F1 to the America's Cup after admitting he was growing disillusioned with F1's restrictive regulations.

In recent years, F1 has tightened the rules governing the design of the cars while last season a swap to 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines saw the teams with the best engines produce the best results.

And on the day where F1 voted not to overhauling the technical regulations for the 2016 season, Newey has once again voiced his displeasure over F1's focus.

"You can always improve, but the problem is the limitation of the regulations, so much so the car is designed for you," he said.

"F1 should be a blend of driver, chassis and engine, but the regulations have swung too much in favour of the engine, combined with a restrictive set of chassis regulations.

"As the engine manufacturer has the benefit, it's difficult for the chassis manufacturer to make enough of a difference to overturn that."