Nico ‘not so concerned’ by top team shot


Nico Hulkenberg is adamant he's not fixated on landing a drive with a top F1 team as he "can't force" the situation.

Throughout his junior career Hulkenberg was a regular race winner, claiming titles in A1 GP, Formula 3 Euro Series and again in the GP2 series.

He has, however, yet to win a single Formula 1 grand prix.

Racing for Williams, Sauber and Force India the German has spent his time in the midfield, yet to step into a race-winning car.

But after being linked to Ferrari – and missing out on a promotion two years running – he insists he's not concerned by the situation.

He told "You guys keep thinking so hard about top teams for me! I'm not so concerned.

"I'm here, I'm enjoying what I do, I want to do the best I can, I want to beat my team-mate, and do great things – and then it will eventually happen or not.

"Of course I want to be at the front and winning races, but I've learned after all these years, I can't force it.

"It's going to happen or it's not going to happen. It's something that's not 100 percent in my control, in my powers. So I'm not too concerned about it.

"I'm just here, enjoying what I want to do. I want to do a great job for myself and my team, and that's it!"

Hulkenberg, though, did have the chance to the take to the top step of the podium last year when he won the Le Mans 24 Hours with Porsche.

It was a momentus occasion in his career and one that came as a welcome confidence boost.

"Having a success and especially one like this it was a big explosion or initiation, and it definitely gives you a boost, gives you a bit of self confidence," he explained. "It helps you, no doubt. When you're winning, you're winning. It's different.

"You can drive the race of your life and finish sixth, and you know that it's one hell of a job and like a win to you, but it's just a sixth place. You feel very satisfied and happy with the job that you've done, but of course it's not the same thing as having a victory, of course."

This year Hulkenberg will remain with Force India, his fourth season racing for the team, and says the goal is to close the gap on those ahead including former team Williams.

"I have good faith and trust in the team that we can keep developing the car and keep closing the gap first of all to the likes of Williams, that we can take them on next year," he added.

"That should be our target. That was also part of the reason to re-sign with them, because I see the potential, and I believe that we can pull it off.

"It won't be easy, we for sure have to do the right things and take the right decisions with the development of the car, which route we're going down, and do a great job weekend after weekend. But I feel that the team has got it, and now I want to prove it."