Now Renault holds talks with Force India


French manufacturer Renault has approached Force India about the possibility of taking up a majority stake in the team.

Renault are in the midst of a tumultuous 2015 campaign that has seen them come in for near constant criticism from Red Bull for the standard of engine that they are supplying the Milton Keynes outfit and their sister team, Toro Rosso.

Red Bull's contract with Renault expires at the end of the 2016 season, and the manufacturer is believed to be pondering an exit from the sport, with their other options appearing to be to continue supplying engines or return as a works team.

It's the final option that appears to be becoming more and more of a possibility, with Force India team principal Vijay Mallya revealing that he had discussions Renault ambassador and consultant Alain Prost in Belgium last weekend, the second time the pair have met.

"Yesterday was a conversation from their side to update me on the fact no decision has been taken, they haven't made a proposal about the board of Renault," Mallya told Autosport.

"Secondly, he wanted to know how I would feel about shareholding. Would we be willing to consider being a minority. If so, what would be our aspirations.

"We didn't talk about engine supply at all.

"We talked generally about their interest in about potentially becoming a constructor, that they are talking to multiple teams and about what is my vision and what is possible and not possible.

"They asked me: 'Would you be prepared to part with a majority stake?'

"If I said no, maybe it would have been end of conversation.

"I said it has to be considered, in light of a potential offer, and secondly I asked what are the minority protection rights you offer?

"There is no deal on the table. They have not made a decision about their plans. It's very preliminary."

The Force India shareholders are currently Mallya, the Sahara group and the Mol family.