Ocon: ‘Does Perez want to die or something?’


Esteban Ocon has seriously question Sergio Perez’s decision-making after the duo made contact not once, but on a further two occasions this season.

Perez squeezed his team-mate out twice at Eau Rouge, with the second incident prompting the Safety Car as debris went flying everywhere on track.

The stewards bizarrely took no further action on either incident, but Force India have already confirmed that team orders are now in effect as the two cannot be trusted to race each other any more.

But Ocon was seething in the paddock after the race, where he salvaged P9, and did not hold back in his assessment of the events.

“Of course he knew [I was there],” said Ocon.

“I accept the first one [on the first lap]; we are three wide, maybe he didn’t see me, even if I think he saw me.

“The second one is just the one too much, risking our life for nothing… he risked my life in there at 300 km/h down by Eau Rouge, that’s the first thing.

“He’s supposed to be a professional driver, today he hasn’t shown it, he hasn’t done that with any other team-mates, I don’t know why he’s doing it with me.”

When asked if he was going to speak to Perez, Ocon added: “The feeling for sure is I’m going to go speak with him man to man and tell him the truth.

“He’s going to have a child, I don’t know if he wants to die or something, it’s just ridiculous.”

Perez took full responsibility for the first incident, but puzzled many by blaming Ocon for the second when the footage clearly showed the Mexican forcing Ocon toward the wall.

“The first one was 100 per cent my fault,” Perez said.

I have to accept that one and I put my hand up for that one. My mistake came at the start. I selected the start too late and I didn’t have the right mode for that so I had 50 per cent less power. I totally didn’t see him at all him at all.

“The second incident I think Esteban was really optimistic there because there was no room for two cars. He had the whole straight to do the manouevre so it’s a shame that we touched. We ruined our race.”

Perez did at least show some regret for the events in Spa.

He added: “I’m very disappointed with myself today. It’s the first time that I do something wrong that I have to say it.

“This is the day with the first collision. The second one was too much on the limit, there was no room for Esteban to go. The other one would have been quite avoidable.

“We just have to talk and if we look back everything started in Baku. But now we have to move forwards as a team. Today we lost many points, people are closing the gap to us, to very important.”