Ocon: I work harder than Perez


Esteban Ocon has revealed he puts in more hours than team-mate Sergio Perez but says he has to given that he is only in his first full season in F1.

The rivalry between Ocon and Perez is proving to be one of the highlights this season as neither Force India driver is willing to give an inch out on track.

It has led to two on-track collisions, and cost the team a possible podium in Canada were Perez was unwilling to move over for the Frenchman.

However, the rivalry is also off the track with Ocon boasting that he works harder than his team-mate.

“I have to work very hard!” he told the official F1 website.

“I have a lot less experience than Sergio so I have to catch up on so many details that come naturally to him. Before and after each race I am mostly in the factory for simulator work. I think that is what makes a big difference.”

Asked how much more time than his team-mate he was putting in, he replied: “I don’t want to say a number – so let’s put it this way: a lot more!”

The team-mates’ one coming together ending Perez’s 15-race scoring streak in Baku, something that the Mexican racer was not impressed by.

Asked for his thoughts on that race, Ocon said: “We ended his 15-race scoring streak! We!

“I went to the factory right afterwards and the team said that it was a race incident and that we both made mistakes. Of course that shouldn’t happen – but a race on such a track is close to a state of emergency.

“We have been told that we should be more careful in the future as it was not only his fault or only my fault. End of story.”