Ocon keeping an eye on Mercedes opportunities


Esteban Ocon reckons if he can impress the Mercedes bosses this season, there will be “plenty of opportunities” opening up in the future.

This season marks the Frenchman’s second in Formula 1 with a lot riding it.

Although racing for Force India, the Mercedes protege has his eye on a bigger prize – a Mercedes race-seat.

And, with a seat open at Mercedes for 2019, he hopes that an impressive second season in F1 could open doors.

“I think it is one of the most important years of my career,” Ocon told Autosport.

“After learning a lot last year everybody is waiting for me to confirm this year, which is quite normal.

“It’s what my bosses are looking at.

“My career’s managed by Mercedes so my bosses set me some targets for this year and I have to respect them.

“I feel like if I do a strong job here there will always be plenty of opportunities, but at the moment I’m fully focused on Force India and that’s the important thing.”