Online Entertainment Changing The Way We Play

Date published: September 1 2016 - Editor

Today the internet is not what it used to be. Initially meant as a means of easily sharing knowledge by scholars across universities, it has slowly grown to become an interactive network of billions of computers, smartphones, watches, even household appliances across the globe. Today it is easier than ever to find knowledge, people, and entertainment than it ever was.

The humble beginnings
For a long time, there was no such thing as “online entertainment”. At least not at today’s scale. While pictures, jokes, and even games were distributed over the newly formed network, the distribution was slow and cumbersome – the infrastructure was a bit behind today’s standards. Online entertainment was scarce back then, and mostly text-based. But it has evolved at a pace never seen before.

The age of the revolution
While there’s no official start date for the rise of online entertainment, I think the best starting point would be the release of Windows 95. At the same time, another important thing happened: the first online casino was launched. These two have given the internet the boost it needed to enter so many households that it’s hard to count today. As bandwidth grew, so did the forms of entertainment online: flash games and social networks were introduced, slowly transitioning toward the entertainment powerhouse we know today.

Quality, safety, variety
The internet has changed the way we play our favorite games. The broadening of the band, and the increasingly fast computers, made it possible to deploy and play increasingly complex games in browsers. And to deploy them, too. You can play new casino games every month at Royal Vegas as soon as they are released by the developer. This fast release cycle has allowed the Royal Vegas to grow its game library to over 700 titles in just a few years. Initially all Royal Vegas games were deployed through a downloadable suite – later they moved into the web browser, and finally made their way to mobile devices, too. Today, the Royal Vegas has over 100 mobile games in its library – a few years ago it hardly had a dozen.

The mobile revolution
Come to think of it, smartphones were the most influential connected devices released in the last decade. Thanks to smartphones, mobile internet connections have become much faster, and the games we like to play have found their way to mobile. Either as apps, small programs that can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone, or as web apps, like the one offered by the Royal Vegas Casino. The smartphone has become the connected device of choice for most users – today more than half of the active internet users browse, shop, and play using these amazing devices.