Palmer blames poor visibility for Kvyat crash


Jolyon Palmer says he “couldn’t see past” his steering wheel when he sideswiped Daniil Kvyat, resulting in a retirement from the Brazilian GP.

The Renault rookie was forced to retire his RS16 under the first red flag on Sunday after breaking his suspension when he hit Kvyat.

“There was some suspension damage and the whole right side,” he explained.

“We were hopeful but they’ve just done a few laps under the Safety Car so we are many laps down.

“It is a shame but the conditions are so difficult out there that I’m not even sure the race will carry on anyway.”

Palmer admits the crash was his fault as he sideswiped Kvyat was trying to overtake.

However, unable to see given the poor visibility in the rain, he instead collided with the Toro Rosso driver.

“I came up the hill, I had more grip than the guys in front as I was on the full wets and I was going to the inside to trying and pass.

“But I couldn’t see past my own steering wheel.

“I was trying to guess where the track went because there is curving past the pitwall. I knew somewhere there was a pitwall, somewhere there was a pitlane so a barrier on the outside.

“But I was a bit more on the inside than I thought and Kvyat was slower than I thought as he was struggling on inters.

“I hit him.”