Palmer ‘doesn’t care’ about unhappy Alonso


Jolyon Palmer brushed off Fernando Alonso's angry tirade after the two clashed again at the Italian Grand Prix.

The Brit was given a five-second penalty for gaining an advantage by leaving the track in his battle for P12 with Alonso, a punishment that left the McLaren-Honda driver seriously questioning the FIA's decision-making.

However Palmer believes Alonso's aggressive defence left him with no option but to duck out of the chicane entirely.

"I was ahead coming in the corner, he braked super late and forced me off the track," Palmer told Sky Sports.

"I'm sure it will be another talking point at the next race because Fernando is not very happy about it but I don't care."

Palmer then admitted that the five-second penalty cost him dear, but would go on to be told to retire the car anyway due to a mechanical issue.

He added "We were looking pretty good in the race, then the five seconds in the stop put us quite a long way back.

"The pace we had was good, quicker than all those in that group up to the edge of the points, it's just a shame that on the super-soft [in the second stint] I didn't get the chance to catch and overtake some people."